Wedding tiara styles. How to choose your wedding tiara.


Headpiece styles range from comb-ins to wedding tiara to headbands, and everything in between. Where to begin? Here are some suggestions to help make your headpiece less of a headache.

Talk To Your Stylist
Consult your hairstylist before you choose a headpiece. Ask for their suggestions on which wedding tiaras would compliment your hairstyle and wedding gown. First and foremost, the headpiece you select should not overwhelm you or your gown - think of the headpiece as a frame for your face.

What type of hairstyle are you considering? Will you be wearing it all down, all up, half up and half down? The type of hairstyle you select should factor into the type of headpiece you select.

Can I Take This Thing Off?
Once you've chosen your dreamy wedding veil and wedding tiara or what have you, you might want to make sure the veil detaches from the headpiece. Brides often say they wish that once they start dancing and hugging, they want to rip the thing off their head.

Making It Stay On Your Head
Are there places on the wedding tiara where bobbie pins can be used to secure it to your hairstyle? Check for hidden plastic loops, elastic to hold fasteners or small combs.

What If I Want Something Different?
You can forego the formal wedding tiara altogether and choose hair ornaments instead. Try a comb with flowers - real or silk or crystals, pearl or gold-beaded bobbie pins which can be pinned into your updo.


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