wedding planning  checklistWedding Planning Checklist to help you plan the perfect wedding.


if at all possible try to allow yourselves enough time on your calendars to arrange the Wedding you both wish for, then work though this free wedding planning checklist to make sure you have covered the important items. Arranging a wedding can be a time consuming task, but before you start you to work through your free wedding checklist you should decide together the type of wedding you would like - e.g. a formal church wedding or an informal civil ceremony.

Wedding Planning Checklist - The Budget

Both decide at the outset who will be paying for what. This is perhaps one of the most important things to do on your free wedding checklist and should take priority. It will save a lot of heartache later on if you get this step right!! As a large part of your cost will depend on how many people will be attending the ceremony it is a good idea to draw up a preliminary list at an early stage to give you some idea of numbers.

Wedding Checklist - Insurance

Just in case the unthinkable happened and your big day had to be cancelled or postponed, everything would go on hold - except the bills. Could you really afford to pay for your wedding arrangements twice?

Wedding Planner Checklist - Booking the Ceremony

Book the church / civil ceremony as soon as you agree on a date. Arrange to meet either the church minister or the registrar so that arrangements can be made and the "notice of intention to marry" can be issued.

Wedding Planning Checklist Reception Venue

Visit possible reception venues to see what each one offers for the money. Before you visit, write down a list of questions you would like answering. Don't make a decision on the spot; ask for a written quote and consider all the options together at home. Questions to ask when considering your wedding reception venue

Wedding Music Ceremony / Reception

Choose you Wedding Music We have selected a number of Wedding Music CDs for you to choose from.

Wedding Checklist - Stationery

Order your Wedding Stationary. Send out invitations to guests along with a wedding gift list, and instructions on how to reach the church and reception. Read this article for more information on your Wedding invitations

Wedding Checklist - Photographs / video

Contact local photographers and ask to see examples of their work and prices. You will need to agree before the ceremony any specific photographs you require taking. If you require photographs inside the church / ceremony venue you will need permission. There are a number of selected books you can buy on Wedding Photography which may help.

Wedding Planning Checklist - Officiants

Decide on who you would like to be the Best Man, Bridesmaids and Ushers.

Wedding Planner Checklist - Outfits.

Groom's outfit - in most cases this is hired. Be sure this is done well in advance. The Best Man and Ushers also may wish to hire outfits.

Bridesmaids. Try to choose a colour that will not only complement the Bride's Dress, but will look good on each of them.

Wedding Dress. Try on as many styles as you can to get a feel, and try ivory as an alternative to white as it may suit your complexion better. As this is a large expense consider hiring. Some department stores now offer suitable bridal / bridesmaid dresses at reasonable prices. Read our Wedding Dress Buying Tips for more advice.

Wedding Checklist - Flowers

Arranging flowers for the Wedding is an important item on your Wedding checklist. You may like the florist to provide church flowers and flowers for the reception on the same colour scheme. More detailed information on Wedding bouquets and the meanings of flowers.

Wedding Planning Checklist - The cake

Visit local bakeries to get styles and quotes. Most bakeries have photographs of the cakes they provide. We have selected some Books on Wedding Cake Decoration which may be of interest.

Wedding Checklist - Rings and Gift Registry

Shop together for Wedding rings and choose small presents for your attendants. You may find our article on the origin and tradition of wedding rings an interesting read! Wedding Lists / Registry. Many couples find it easier to choose one or two large national department stores for their guests to select items from.

Wedding Planning Checklist - Transport

Arrange your Wedding transport, either by hiring transport or by using reliable cars from family / guests. For the best man don't forget the wedding car decorations.


If you are going abroad on a honeymoon remember a change of name will take time.

We have a much more detailed wedding checklist which takes you through on a monthly basis on our wedding countdown pages



If you have not already done so we strongly recommend that you take out a Wedding Insurance policy. For as little as £20 (May 2011) you can insure your wedding arrangements against any cancellation or change. You can then continue arranging a wedding with confidence.