Wedding Lists and Wedding List Services


The first wedding list was created at a department store in Chicago in 1924 and over the years they have become a traditional part of any wedding. Nowadays any guest attending a wedding expects to find details of how to access the couple's wedding list of gifts they'd love along with the wedding invite.

These traditional wedding lists that are based in just one shop are now increasingly being pushed aside for a more universal wedding gift list often utilising a wedding list service. Some couples question whether they should create a wedding list or not, feeling it could seem rude to ask for gifts. However it should be remembered that buying the happy couple a wedding gift is a traditional and expected part of attending any wedding, and refusing gifts can offend some traditionalist guests.

Without a list of the wedding gifts you would like it can lead to a lot of wasted time and money with guests searching for suitable presents, maybe duplicate presents being purchased, or worse still something the newlyweds don’t need or like!

Planning a wedding can become quite stressful, but creating your wedding list should be, by far, the most enjoyable part of preparing for your big day. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to plan and create your wedding gift list; after all there is an entire world of gifts to choose from, and use a wedding list service to enable you to make a more versatile and useful gift list! It is suggested that you start preparing your list at least two months before you send out your invitations, you will need to provide your guests with details of your wedding list with the invitations and you need to ensure that you aren’t creating your list in a rush at the last minute. This bit really should be a relaxed and happy part of your wedding planning.

What to put on your wedding list


Choosing the gifts to add to your wedding list can be both exciting and a little daunting so making a few notes and a plan before you start will make things a little easier. When you start try to jot down a list of gifts that you actually need or are really hoping for. It is these “vital gifts” that can sometimes get forgotten about in the excitement of adding other more frivolous items.

Traditional examples of important additions would be a dinner set and cutlery set, these make excellent additions to any wedding list as they can be split into smaller groups or individually when adding them to the list such as “eight side plates” or “one terrine”. The next suggested step is to walk through your house, looking in every room including the garden and garage, look for things that you want or need, and remember to add the things you “need” to the high priority list.

Make sure you add items of varying costs, and don’t be shy about adding high value items, it is commonplace for wedding guests to club together to buy those extra special gifts. It is common for wedding guests to want to buy something that will stand the test of time and that the couple can enjoy together.

Where to create your wedding list


The traditional method of having a list based at one department store has now become antiquated as it limits the couple to products from just one store. Either that or they end up having to have wedding lists at every shop they wish to purchase from which wastes so much time and effort for both the couple and their guests.

Recently a number of websites have started offering Wedding Gift List services, where the couple can add any product from any store, giving the ultimate choice and freedom to the couple. Some sites charge for this wedding list service, and some limit the choice of shops, but using a site such as will enable you to create a wedding list for free with no hidden charges to you or your guests, and you are free to add absolutely any gift from any shop (even if they don’t have a website).

You simply create your wedding list and add products as you happily window shop, then let your guests know where to find your wedding list. They can browse it at their leisure, click through to the product and mark it as purchased once they have ordered the gift direct from the shop. There is no risk of duplicated gifts and as all transactions happen directly between the guest and the shop where you saw the item and there are no hidden charges or risks involved.

It’s YOUR special day so create a wedding list just as YOU want it!

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