What Is A Classical Wedding Guitarist?

A classical wedding guitarist is a guitarist who performs using a nylon string classical guitar. The sound of the classical guitar is very warm and soothing which makes it perfect for ambient music at a wedding. A classical wedding guitarist is an incredibly versatile musician and will suit various parts of your wedding including the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast. It’s not so common to have a classical musician for the evening reception, as this is when most couples want a more upbeat vibe.

What Are The Benefits?

A solo wedding guitarist has many benefits. Booking a solo musician is usually much cheaper than a duo or band. They take up very little room at your wedding, meaning your guests won’t be tripping over the musicians if you’re venue is short on space. A solo wedding guitarist is also less distracting than a larger group. If you want the focus to be on the bride and not on the band during the ceremony then a soloist would be a good choice. Classical wedding guitarists tend to have a varied repertoire compared with some other groups. Lots of bands play a wide range of pop/rock and maybe some jazz, where as most modern classical guitarists are now able to offer those styles plus the benefit of classical and often Spanish music. This versatility makes them in incredibly useful musician to have at your wedding.

What Style of Music Do They Play?

Classical wedding guitarists don’t just stick to playing classical music. Many classical wedding guitarists now also incorporate pop/rock songs into their set lists, along with Jazz, movie themes, show tunes etc. The guitar itself is a very versatile instrument. The range of music which can be arranged for solo guitar is practically limitless.

How Much Does A Classical Wedding Guitarist Cost?

A classical wedding guitarist will usually work out much cheaper than a wedding band or even a duo. The typical cost of booking a solo wedding guitarist for the ceremony works out at around £200-250 depending on the experience, skill and location of the musician.

Would you ever consider a classical wedding guitarist for your wedding? Did you book one for your big day? How did it go?

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