Wedding Gift List Ideas

The traditional wedding gift list will contain gifts to help the couple set up home.

If you are going to live together for the first time then you will need to make sure your Wedding Gift list covers all the basics, from the traditional toaster to T-Towels. A well planned and organised wedding gift list will ensure that you don't end up with only toasters, but everything else you need as well.

Always write your wedding gift list together, and visit local department stores to get ideas for that matching dinner service you have always wanted. Don't forget to include gifts which cover a wide price range, as everyone will have a different budget.

It is now common practice to include your wedding gift list when you send out your invitations, but you should always make it clear that guests can make their own choice of gifts.

With an increasing number of people having access to the internet a very easy way to manage your gift list is to use a departmental store which offers a gift list service on line. It is worth checking with the store if you can exchange unwanted items or duplicates which have slipped through the net.

Many of the major stores now offer an online service. Here is a selection you may like to look at.

John Lewis

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