Your Wedding Speech

If you are making a wedding speech it can be a stressful and worrying experience, especially for those who are not confident public speakers. This is the moment when everybody is nervous. Remember the audience are on your side they are a warm and friendly crowd. Just take your time, breathe slowly and follow some of these tips and you will get it right.

Write your wedding speech to practice as soon as you can. This will give you time to hear how it sounds, and adjust it to sound like your usual style of speaking rather than the false style it can appear if you are not careful. Make sure you are familiar with the wedding speech so that by the time you stand up, you will know just what you want to say. The more you practice the more confident you will be on the day.

It's all a question of saying the things that matter to you. This is a chance to say some things that mean a lot to you about people you care about, in front of your friends and family. That's not a chance people get very often, so make the most of it.

A touch of humour is always welcomed in any wedding speech and can be a way of breaking up what can become a long list of thank-yous. But be warned, the wedding guests are usually comprised of many different generations and tastes. Keep it clean and be sure not to offend any section of your audience, old or young.

There is a lot of pressure on wedding speech makers to be funny, but some of the best speeches are heartfelt and honest. There is always an anticipation that the best man will tell embarrassing stories about the groom, which might be mildly amusing to some of the younger guests, but will not be appreciated by elderly relatives and those on the top table. Another pitfall is to tell long and rambling stories, which lose the interest of the listener.

The best advice is to be on the safe side when it comes to making a wedding speech, avoid bad taste and keep things short and sweet. Also, if the speech is after the meal, refrain from downing a few glasses of champagne for Dutch courage.

One good idea is for all those giving a wedding speech on the day to get together and compare speeches, it will make sure nothing is duplicated. There is nothing worse being the Best Man listening to the Father of the Bride and the Groom using jokes or anecdotes which are the cornerstone of your own speech!!

Traditionally, the father of the bride, groom and best man give the wedding speeches in that order, although in modern times this does not have to be strictly adhered to. It is becoming increasingly common for brides, mothers of the bride and best women to give speeches. And more and more people are choosing to have the speeches before the wedding breakfast, so that the formalities are finished with and the speech makers can relax and enjoy their meals. However, some couples decide against this option because the guests are often ravenous by the time the ceremony, photographs and line-up are complete.

It is traditional for the best man to read out a selection of telegrams and cards at the end of his wedding speech, but modern couples are choosing to throw out this part of the proceedings as it can be seen as stuffy and old fashioned. It is advisable for a nervous speech maker to buy a good book on speechmaking, which will provide some guidelines and tips.

Delivering the Speech:

Remember, even though you're nervous, to speak loudly and clearly. There is nothing worse than listening to five minutes of mumbling nonsense.

Don't read straight from your notes. These are supposed to be heart-felt words. It's better to paraphrase what you've written, and get the general sentiment across. Of course, you can have your notes handy, just remember to make eye-contact with the people you are speaking to.

If you lose your notes, or just choke up there, there's nothing wrong with a simple "Congratulations, (bride's name and groom's name) I'm looking forward to the day when we're all together again celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Cheers!"

Why not try using one of these toasts to complete your wedding speech.

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