Pre Nuptial Agreements , Pre Civil Partnership Agreements

It may not be as much fun as planning your wedding ceremony or reception, but you do need to plan for you your financial future both together and possibly apart. This is where a pre nuptial agreement or pre civil partnership agreement comes in.

Getting a pre-nuptial agreement could be a wise move for you. It is not just for pop stars or multi millionaire businessmen or celebrities. It is for anyone who wants to preserve assets that matter to them. This could be important if you are part of a family business, have set up your own company or if you have inherited money. It can also deal with small but treasured items such as your personal music collection, books, pictures ore even your pet.

Pre nuptial agreements are still not legally binding in court in the UK (March 2008) so many people lose interest as they do not see the point. However, the law is likely to change in the next few years. Even though these pre nuptial agreements are not binding, courts will take them into account where they have been drawn up properly and certain conditions have been met.

For a pre nuptial agreement to be effective a couple has to treat each other fairly - surely the basis of a good marriage in the first place. So the secretive man who only lets on how much he is worth on the eve of the wedding day and demands his bride signs a document giving up all rights to any property is not going to get very far. Where a couple openly share information, discuss what should happen in the event of a breakdown and who do this well in advance of the wedding and without pressure will fare rather better.

You will each need your own lawyer to make sure your interests are looked after and to ensure the pre nuptial agreement is prepared in a way that is acceptable in current law. Ask to meet a Family Law specialist who can explain this further for you and discuss options like using Collaborative Law to reach an agreement.




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