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If so then please make sure you have a link back to our site first. Remember, to qualify for a free listing in our wedding directory, then our link must appear on either your home page, or a page which is directly linked to your home page (one click away).


Link Options - please choose one of the following:

1. Featured on Our Wedding Plans


<a href="" target="_blank">Featured on Our Wedding Plans</a>

2. Wedding Dress Buying Tips


<a href="" target="_blank">Wedding Dress Buying Tips</a>

3. Wedding Cancellation Insurance


<a href="" target="_blank">Wedding Cancellation Insurance</a>

4. Wedding Tiaras and Hair Accessories


<a href="" target="_blank"> Wedding Tiaras and Hair Accessories</a>

5. Wedding Cake Decoration


<a href="" target="_blank">Wedding Cake Decoration</a>


When our link is in place request your free listing


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