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Our Wedding Plans has been established for over 10 years and has been a source of reference for hundreds of thousands of couples who have planned their wedding in that time.

If you have a wedding related business we offer you a special promotion opportunity to generate new leads from couples who are activley planning their wedding, or to enhance the position of your own website in the search engines.

Option 1:

We will give you a link to your own website from a relevant page on Our Wedding Plans. This will not be on a links page which no-one ever looks at. It will be included on a page which forms the main heart and content of our website giving you a reall opportunity to generate new business.

Option 2

Why not write an original 3 - 400 page article for publication within the main content of our website and include link(s) - maximum of 3 - back to your own business. Our only stipulations on content is that it should be highly relevant to couples planning their wedding, it should be original, and it should not be too self promotional.

The cost for 1 year for either option is just £20.

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