Bride's Wedding Day Beauty - Professional Bridal Make Up Tips

Your wedding will be one of the most treasured days of your life and you deserve to look and feel your most beautiful. However, it is important that you still look and feel like yourself. See our professional bridal make up tips below.

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Bride's Wedding Day beauty tips:


Why use a Makeup Artist on your Wedding day??? Professional Bridal make up tips

Bridal make up Bridal makeup should enhance your natural beauty and keep you looking flawless throughout the day and night.

A camera flash can have a huge impact on how makeup looks and it can easily make a beautiful natural look disappear altogether.  A makeup artist will now how much to apply and which pigments / colours to use to show you at your best in photos. Knowing which products to use is also key many moisturisers, foundations and powders contain SPF and other ingredients which create a ghostly white sheen in flash photography, and whilst mineralised makeup is very popular at the minute and looks fabulous in person it makes the skin look shiny in photos, as you are going to be in quite a few photos on your wedding day it is important that the flawless makeup you see in the mirror also translates on film.

Treat yourself on your big day and look exquisite, booking a professional makeup artist takes all the pressure and stress away from having to do your makeup yourself whilst combating the jitters and inevitably a shaky hand. Sit back, relax and indulge in simply savouring every moment of this special day and have confidence that you will look as beautiful in your photos as you do in person.

I have always had a passion for makeup and trained at the Academy of Freelance Makeup in London specialising in Bridal makeup & hair.  I am passionate about creating beautiful, flawless natural makeup for the most special day of your life.  It is an honour for me to be with you on your wedding day and to help make you feel happy, confident and most importantly exquisitely beautiful.  Great makeup starts with great skincare and I use only the best products from Dermalogica tailored to your individual skin.  As for makeup I pride myself on using great quality, high end products from MAC, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemeru Urban Decay and many more to create a professional look and feel that will last all day.

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