Bridal Wedding Gloves


Formal etiquette still recommends that a bride wear gloves as symbol of grace. The style of bridal wedding gloves should complement your wedding dress. Choosing a glove as an accessory to your wedding dress is an elegant addition and should be made with care. Make sure your wedding gloves allow for slipping on the wedding ring to the ring finger. Many wedding gloves are now made with a tiny slit where you can slip out your finger.

Wedding Gloves Etiquette

Etiquette guidelines recommends that your gloves should be worn while on the way to the church and all through the ceremony. Your gloves should be worn at your receiving line when you greet your guests and through your reception. To prevent your gloves from staining, gloves should be removed while eating.

Styles of Bridal Wedding Gloves

There are 4 basic styles of bridal wedding gloves to choose from:

The shorter gloves are easier to remove during the wedding reception for eating. It’s also worth mentioning that the elegance of gloves are usually reserved for formal weddings

Bridal wedding gloves will help in adding elegance and grace to your wedding outfit.  Choose them with care and match the colours and material to enhance your dress.  If your dress is white, choose white gloves and an ivory gown would indicate ivory gloves.If you are getting married in the summer choose lace fingerless ones.


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