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Your Day, Your Way: The Essential Handbook for the 21st-century Bride
Michelle Roth

I feel that it is really refreshing,to pick up a bridal guide that is so open and honest, without waxing lyrical. I have had enough of reading" how special my day is going to be" and I was so pleased to find this book to be honest and forthright in its approach. The tone of the book says it all...yes, we know that you are going to have stress and bother, here are some of the main areas to look out for and here are some solutions as to what you can do to resolve problems BEFORE they come knocking on your door. I honestly loved the fresh realism this book has blown into my bridal world. You will find the chapters informative and really helpful. I hope you enjoy nit as much as I have.

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21st Century Bride
Ailsa Petchey, Sarah Mason

Review: This is without doubt a wonderful wedding planning book. I am getting married next July, but already have weddings on the brain. This book starts with your engagement, talking about announcements, parties etc.. and goes through everything you will need to organise for your wedding, finishing up with suggestions for honeymoon destinations.
It has lovely full colour pictures, and some great ideas for themed weddings. All in all, a lovely book, well worth the money.

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Your Wedding Your Way (2)
Sophie Vincenzi

Review: With 10 weeks to go to my wedding, and suffering from a serious case of "trying-to-please-all" syndrome, my friend saved my sanity by getting me a copy of this book - simply because of the title. It is brilliant! Not only is it packed with hints and tips from other brides and grooms, it contains all the practial advice you need to plan your wedding. Forget the other books (believe me, I tried them all), this is THE book for the modern bride. It contains loads of hints & tips, useful websites, contact information and ideas. Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, this book offers sound and practical advice as well as detailed lists and planning tips. And all for less than a tenner! I will be buying it for any friends that get engaged!

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Weddings: The Essential Guide to Organising the Perfect Day
Alison Price

Review: OK so unless you are a Hollywood stereotype you are not going to get married THAT many times in your life, so you need a begiiners book when faced with the daunting prospect of it all. This book is ideal for some of the basics about organising your own wedding although it goes a little over the top when explaining the steps needed in the process of proposing (ask the brides parents etc...!)

A pleasant additional surprise was a large collection of recipes for wedding parties & receptions

Well presented, full of facts, good starter point for the novice wedder - recommended

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A Modern Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched: How to Plan, Survive and Enjoy Your Wedding
Sarah Ivens

Review: This is a great book when you are starting to get dragged down by the seriousness of magazines, other books and relatives! It covers first hand experiences of all aspects of planning a wedding, giving you great ideas and pointing out potential pitfalls. On top, it is written in such a way that I have found myself laughing out loud. A very helpful and light hearted book.

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The Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding
Lynda Wright

Review: This is different from most books on planning weddings. It makes liberal use of checklists. For instance, these cover not just such obvious matters as the engagement announcement and the catering, but also easily-overlooked points, such as videos, stag party and marquees! The author pays meticulous attention to detail. She reminds the reader to ascertain the church's policy on confetti, assuming,of course, that a church is being used. She also points out the possible need for umbrellas to be provided! If the bride and/or groom has a copy of this book and pays attention to the advice, it is hard to see how the wedding can go wrong!

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