Wedding information for the Groom

The Clueless Groom's Guide: Far More Than Any Man Should Rightly Know About Getting Married
Peter van Dijk

Synopsis: Congratulations on your engagement, my clueless friend, and welcome to a world for which you are sadly ill equipped. You have entered a new dimension. A dimension of china patterns, ice swans, and boutonnieres. You're planning a wedding, and your fianceé expects more from you than a diamond ring and a blood test. So, you'd better get up to speed and fast. This book has the wedding information for the groom that will prove invaluable.
From the best proposal to the coolest honeymoon, The Clueless Groom's Guide offers light-hearted commiseration, guidance, and a distinctly male take on the entire process of planning a traditional wedding. It gives you a sorely needed chuckle and some surprisingly useful advice to help you get through the many decisions your bride-to-be will pretend to want your opinion on, including:

-How and where to pop the question
-Why engagements of over two years are justified only by extended commitments to the armed forces and/or unusually long jail sentences
-How to pick groomsmen gifts and groomsmen who almost deserve them
-Reception sites that offer style and originality . . . and why you should avoid them like the plague.
-And far more than you should ever rightly know about weddings

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The Grooms Guide: Almost Everything a Man Needs to Know
Vicki Mack

I expected another book trying to be funny, but I found myself learning how to get through the process smoothly. I bought two more copies for friends when they got engaged. Lots of wedding information for the Groom

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