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Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make
Terry L. Rye

Review: Clear pictures and instructions and realistic suggestions if you want to try doing your own wedding flowers. Good advice about how to involve your florist in your planning. A good starting point for choosing and designing your wedding flowers. Lots of Wedding flowers information.

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Wedding Flowers
Paula Pryke, Chris Tubbs (Photographer)

Synopsis: Wedding Flowers taps into the desire of every bride to make her wedding day special and provides lots of information. The choice of flower color, fragrance, and display is one of the most effective and fun ways to do so. Wedding Flowers will give the bride the confidence and ability to design her own floral theme and work with a florist to execute it, or perhaps even undertake some of the arrangements herself for a truly personal touch. The book explores wedding traditions as well as making suggestions for how a modern bride can depart from them. Information covers every type of seasonal concern; distinguishes decorative, ceremony, and reception flowers; provides great ideas for floral accessories; and, of course, devotes a lot of consideration to the all-important matter of the bridal bouquet. With step-by-step instructions throughout, the book demonstrates how brides, bridesmaids, friends, and family can make some of Paula's most popular wedding flower arrangements themselves.

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Flowers for Your Wedding Day: A Guide to Creating Beautiful Bouquets, Arrangements & Decorations
Diana Tonks

Review: What an excellent book for people who want to have an attampt at creating their own arrangements for a wedding. The photography in itself is a credit to the presentation and goes hand in hand with the easy to follow instructions. All areas of the wedding are covered from the brides bouquet to reception flowers. This book is a must for anyone who wants inspiration, ideas and information for beautiful wedding flowers.

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