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How to Get Married Again: A Guide to Second Weddings
Jill Curtis

ISBN: 0340861274
Review: This superb book is essential reading for anyone contemplating a second marriage. The author Jill Curtis has thought of every type of situation and often complicated family set-ups that lead to many questions and dilemmas faced by a couple getting married for the second or subsequent time.

The chapters cover ethics and protocol and Jill Curtis pays meticulous attention to details and issues that can often be overlooked. There is a chapter on weddings for different religions and cultures, including gay and lesbian weddings. The book also includes profiles of many couples who have faced particular problems.

Jill Curtis doesn’t just cover the practicalities of organising a second wedding, but the emotional issues too and provides invaluable advice for handling awkward situations and finding solutions to help resolve conflict within families. If you want your wedding to be one of the best days of your life, you will find this book a Godsend.

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