Best Mans Speech

Have you written or delivered a Best Mans Speech?

If so we need your help to compile a list of useful tips and hints on what to include in a Best Man's Speech. If you can offer any help please email colin at We would also like to include the complete text of some actual Best Man's speeches, so again if you have written a speech and would like it published for prosperity then please email it to us either as a word document or in Rich Text FormatThank you for your Help

If you are writing a Best Mans Speech you should:

Thank the groom for his toast to the bridesmaids
Comment on the bride and particularly the groom
Read any messages from absent friends

and most importantly
Toast the bride and groom

The most obvious tip is to use a lot of humour in the best man′s speech. This speech is the one that people are usually expecting to be funny. If you′re a confident person when it comes to public speaking, you′ll love giving the best man′s speech, and you can have fun with all the different humor you can use. If you′re the kind of person who panics over doing the speech don′t worry yourself too much over it, because people aren′t expecting the humor of a stand up comedian. And it′s usually much easier to make people laugh at a wedding than you would think.

When writing the best man′s speech ,make sure you are tactful. By all means, you want to be funny but you also need to consider the grooms feelings! So don′t go over board. And try not to let the speech drag on too long, even if it′s going really well! It′s better to leave people wanting more, than wishing it would end. Steer clear from talking about the grooms past relationships. This can cause problems if you do unless you know for sure it will go down well! Check with the bride first. In most cases, it′s wise to stay away from this, though.


If you′re not the Master of Ceremonies, you may like to thank the MC for introducing your speech. This is an easy way to get started. The next step is to thank the groom for the honour of being their best man. You may also like to respond to any kind comments about you or the bridesmaids in any of the speeches made before yours. This is your chance to reply to these comments, on behalf of the bridesmaids, too. In a traditional wedding, the bride and groom will have given gifts to the groom and the bridesmaids. It′s a nice gesture to thank the bride and groom for these gifts publicly and also, this is a great way to crack the first joke by saying something like "the gifts aren′t going to stop me making fun of the groom". This will usually get a laugh, which will also ease your nerves and get the ball rolling.

Start with a few funny stories about the groom. If you′ve known the groom for awhile, don′t be afraid of searching the past for some funny stories. Or maybe you can find a funny story in the wedding preparations, or even the stag night. Remember to keep it clean. To strike a balance you may like to share a story about the bride as well, unless one of the bridesmaids is also making a speech, in which case it may be best to leave this step out to avoid stepping on anyone′s toes and spoiling someone else′s story. You may like to balance out the humorous stories with something a little more sentimental and touching. It is nice to show your friendship as well as get the laughs. Be careful not to make everything into humor.

Something you may like to do is read out any cards or messages from people who couldn′t make it, or for any other reason there may be a card to read out. This will be up to you. As you get closer to the end of your speech, you may want to thank the groom for any kind comments made about you or the bridesmaids, as well as wish the bride and groom happiness for the future. Ask all the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the newly weds.

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